Civil Engineering

Intrado has extensive experience in delivering Civil Engineering projects. Using the latest modelling software we can provide a dynamic and cost effective design.  3D ground modelling is used to accurately model site levels and determine the most efficient proposed ground levels to reduce the cut and fill volumes and the costly import and export of materials.  On brownfield sites where contamination is present the levels can be designed such that the contamination can remain on site beneath the development.

We can offer real benefits when we work with developers at the feasibility stage. It is at this stage the civil engineering design can have the most influence on the construction costs of the project.  The sooner we are engaged, the more we can do to provide you with a sustainable solution to your project.

Our experienced engineers have completed Civil Engineering projects including:

  • Design of drainage systems to serve new developments including sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS)
  • Delivering S104 and S185 Agreements with multiple water authorities
  • Design of new road networks for developments as part of S38 Agreements
  • Re-alignment and upgrading of existing highways as part of S278 Agreements
  • Design of external works and site infrastructure using 3D computer modelling software to determine the cut and fill balance and minimise costs
  • Assisting with securing BREEAM credits
  • Securing discharge consents, environmental permits and flood defence consents
  • The production of flood consequence and flood risk assessments